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DREAM JOB revisits a dreamer’s message: 

“I need an album!
Do you guys have an album yet i need to buy one if you do. I almost gave up on following my dreams until i heard you guys,i searched for your videos watched them all and then i found out your from my city and it just all made sense. Your videos are truly inspiring and i watch them everyday. I thank you both for reminding me to follow my dreams because anything less would just be living a lie. You are paving the way for future artists i am forever grateful.”
~ iansmith14



The Cello & The Concertina (a love story)

. . . Once upon a season, during the age of information, two traditional music instruments met in a quiet park.  No one knows if this rendezvous was premeditated, but there are many variations of the fable which mark this particular meeting as the day another musical marriage and movement began.

It was eventide, the sun was being sown deeply into the horizon while wild colors sprouted out from adrift clouds.  The night was slowly swallowing the day, and only a few stars were beginning to peep their brilliance through the digital sky.  Life was indeed happening all around, but not all were ALIVE enough to notice. It was exactly this: this lackluster life, this “dead spirit” (coursing throughout the culture like a virus), which happened to be a shared concern for both instruments. After sharing their own songs, hopes and haunts, a true dialogue between the unlikely pair evolved into something magical! They decided on that serendipitous day they were brought together for a greater purpose, so they went forth, out into the darkness to remind people of the light, the love, the wonder, the sacred, the sacrifices, and THE RIVER!


10 October 2010, prior to opening for innovative composer, violinist and bandleader Daniel Bernard Roumain (a/k/a DBR), Studio Corrida (Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis) shared an afternoon/evening with Dream Job.  The purpose of the video project was not fully hashed out at the onset, which allowed a very organic process to unfold. Barrett Black is here captured in sincere light, bending, sliding, plucking upon strings, while adding the signature Dream Job harmony; Ricardo iamuuri holds firm a simple chord progression while incorporating a steady percussive pulse and a lamenting, but hope-inspired vocal. The performance is raw, and reaching! At the end of the day, Dreams Sounds vol 1. “On The Other Side” is what was born. Dream Sounds will ultimately become a series of creative and rare Dream Job videos, which feature: candid interviews, live performances and artistic music videos. Stay connected, and get to know Dream Job, through its creators’ art, their music, their videos, their fans, and their DREAMS. . .



3 February 2010 marked the inauguration of a dream. On that evening, Ricardo iamuuri and Barrett Black were invited to do a LIVE performance on WPPJ – 670 AM – Point Park University Radio, hosted by Sarah Powers. The radio broadcast allowed the two musicians an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to Pittsburgh listeners, to speak intimately on how their musical paths converged, and to also share a taste of what was to be expected. The interview/performance went over so well, the people responded with phone calls of appreciation and esteem. The chemistry was obvious, the sound unique, the delivery sincere; it was described by a WPPJ listener as “a breath of FRESH AIR!”

photography by: Caitlin Magarity

Three days later, the duo opened for Pittsburgh’s Hip Hop Award Winning Band, Formula 412. To say the least, Ricardo iamuuri’s and Barrett Black’s debut was HOT, and heat (as well as a shovel) was definitely needed during the Blizzard of 2010. Today, nine months later, (the baby) now known as “Dream Job,” sometimes a duo, but most often a trio (drummers that have accompanied Dream Job include David Harris, Fletch, Brandon Butler, and currently David Neuhart), is still blazing a trail, with its unforgettable melodies, lyrical gravity, swelling anthems, honest passion, and POWERFUL harmonies!

photography by: Caitlin Magarity

These are exciting times for Dream Job, its fans, and for the planet (THE ROCK)! With a plethora of heavy weight shows under its belt, opening for national and international recording artists (DBR, Aloe Blacc, K-OS, just to name a few), Dream Job has proved its staying power.

Ricardo iamuuri and Barrett Black are determined musicians, with a creative purpose, ready to invite and inspire the hearts and minds of music lovers the world over. Dream Job is steadily collecting more fans with each performance and giving the music right back to THE PEOPLE! I encourage you to stay connected, and get to know Dream Job, through its creators’ art, their music, their videos, their fans, and their DREAMS. . .

Here’s a link, to a video recap of that night. Please feel free to leave comments.