10 October 2010, prior to opening for innovative composer, violinist and bandleader Daniel Bernard Roumain (a/k/a DBR), Studio Corrida (Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis) shared an afternoon/evening with Dream Job.  The purpose of the video project was not fully hashed out at the onset, which allowed a very organic process to unfold. Barrett Black is here captured in sincere light, bending, sliding, plucking upon strings, while adding the signature Dream Job harmony; Ricardo iamuuri holds firm a simple chord progression while incorporating a steady percussive pulse and a lamenting, but hope-inspired vocal. The performance is raw, and reaching! At the end of the day, Dreams Sounds vol 1. “On The Other Side” is what was born. Dream Sounds will ultimately become a series of creative and rare Dream Job videos, which feature: candid interviews, live performances and artistic music videos. Stay connected, and get to know Dream Job, through its creators’ art, their music, their videos, their fans, and their DREAMS. . .

    • skywalk’r
    • November 10th, 2010

    STUNNING PIECE! Glad I was invited

  1. Amazing.
    The Mood is amazing.
    Cinematics on point.
    You guys sheer genius.

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