The Cello & The Concertina (a love story)

. . . Once upon a season, during the age of information, two traditional music instruments met in a quiet park.  No one knows if this rendezvous was premeditated, but there are many variations of the fable which mark this particular meeting as the day another musical marriage and movement began.

It was eventide, the sun was being sown deeply into the horizon while wild colors sprouted out from adrift clouds.  The night was slowly swallowing the day, and only a few stars were beginning to peep their brilliance through the digital sky.  Life was indeed happening all around, but not all were ALIVE enough to notice. It was exactly this: this lackluster life, this “dead spirit” (coursing throughout the culture like a virus), which happened to be a shared concern for both instruments. After sharing their own songs, hopes and haunts, a true dialogue between the unlikely pair evolved into something magical! They decided on that serendipitous day they were brought together for a greater purpose, so they went forth, out into the darkness to remind people of the light, the love, the wonder, the sacred, the sacrifices, and THE RIVER!

  1. this is beautifully written.
    I am a supporter of DreamJob!

    • skywalk’r
    • November 18th, 2010

    Oh My Lands! I soooo watched Pippy Longstockings this past Saturday night, she played the concertina while providing the orphans with a treat. I had to share!

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