DREAM JOB revisits a dreamer’s message: 

“I need an album!
Do you guys have an album yet i need to buy one if you do. I almost gave up on following my dreams until i heard you guys,i searched for your videos watched them all and then i found out your from my city and it just all made sense. Your videos are truly inspiring and i watch them everyday. I thank you both for reminding me to follow my dreams because anything less would just be living a lie. You are paving the way for future artists i am forever grateful.”
~ iansmith14


    • Michael George
    • November 19th, 2010

    keep the dream alive guys

  1. 1. DBR at August Wilson
    2. The impact was like very powerful, positive, moving. I had chills, was speechless! [too nervous to stay after and meet lol It was what I was thinking about life just out loud and in song.
    3. I want to get into DJing, and start to play my saxophone again [I want to play “On the other Side” on my saxophone!” I sing it at work all the time now! My blog is growing slowly but surely. My friends call me “Jackie of all trades.” So my dreams are endless!

  2. Wonderful post!

    1. I discovered Dream Job several months ago through mutual contacts on FB. I can’t wait to see and listen to you ‘live’!

    2. I was deeply touched by the music. Acoustic music always has a great impact on me and the blend of the cello and guitar (and concertina) sounds perfect to me. It’s as if the notes echo in my heart and bring out some emotions I didn’t even know were there. The deep and thought-provking lyrics add to the power of Dream Job’s music. And this was only by watching videos. I think I will feel this ten times stronger when I see you live.

    3. I am a music lover and I am sharing my passions through different media in an attempt to allow people to discover great artists while giving more visibility to the latter. I have a blog where you can find short articles, reviews and interviews ( I also have a few ‘musical selections’ on Soundcloud ( Last but not least, I recently started a podcast, where I am playing music I like, without boundaries in terms of genre or release date (

    I have to thank you for inspiring me with your music and words and for supporting my endeavours. Mutual appreciation is key!

  3. Hello friends. I first heard DreamJob at the August Wilson Center. I was absolutely blown away! Seldom does music make you think, sway and move you all at the same time. One song after another tore into the air and grabbed a hold of the crowd that night. Everybody was up. Singing, dancing, even some tears. This was no ordinary music. I went home that night and picked up my guitar, shook off the dust, and played. I haven’t looked back. My fingers are callused again, I’ve been writing a lot and having so much fun. GO SEE DREAM JOB AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

    Thank you Ricardo and Barrett.. I’ll see you soon!

  4. A long time ago I took my then 12 year old son to the Kelly-Strayhorn theater in E. Sliberty to see an urban opera by this dude called Barrett Black. It’s one of the reasons my son is such a great kid.

    Not so long ago I took my boyfriend with me to the Shadow Lounge in E. Sliberty for open mic night and we heard Ricardo Iamuuri sing songs from his Conversations album. He sang Selling Revolution, which really hit home because I had bought my son a Che Guevara t-shirt for Christmas. But Ricardo didn’t make a two-time victim out of me; he gave me his CD.

    Earlier this year I told Jim that Dream Job was playing at the August Wilson Center and we rushed our butts over there for an amazing performance by these two talents joined together. Dream Job is making great music that moves my soul.

    I’ve always been a dreamer. My family has told me again and again to “get my head out of the clouds.” I can’t. At the top of all of my daily lists is “conquer the world.” I’m going for it all!

  5. My 1st experience hearing any music by these beautiful talented music men was @ the shadow lounge one night in late may…of 2010. I was so touched by one particular song proformed by Ricardo Iamuuri. The song was ‘Keep on loving’ (I think…’Keep on loving man’ maybe) The song hit so close to home and spoke to my heart… it was like he was “strumming my pain with his fingers and singing my life with his words” I told Ricardo how this song moved me and got his information. I listened to more songs on the internet and began attending almost every show in the Pittsburgh area. Dream Job is pretty amazing. The song that night moved me to tears and I began writing for pleasure again shortly after. Writing is very important for me! Not only the writing… I’ve heard they inspire musicians to follow their dreams in music and their callings and in the past few days Dream Job inspired me to live my dream (not musical) and fuck what anyone else thinks… family included. Thanks Dream Job. Thank you, Ricardo your Beautiful. Love and Light.

    • Antoinette Noel
    • December 1st, 2010

    I first experienced Dream Job at the DBR concert in October. I couldn’t have been more pleased that the opening act was so much more. You guys created such a musical fusion that the show just couldn’t end without a beautiful synthesis of such awesome musicians.
    Not only are you guys profound artists, but genuine people, a fact that was evident to me when one of the duo engaged my daughter in conversation about silly bands :-)I bought your cd and it is in constant rotation in my player. I only wish it would have had Nuclear Playground and On the Other Side featured as well.
    So, my dreams entail social justice through education – education at it’s best in guiding learners to know themselves, their gifts and abilities, passions, cultural heritage and how to live so as to express these qualities and impact the world for the better by doing so. I think you guys are journeying on that path and inspiring others to pursue their dreams as well. So thank you.
    Another dream of mine is to nurture my vocal abilities in a group who may like to incorporate a female vocalist…*hint, hint* 🙂

    • Yelo
    • January 22nd, 2011

    I have known u all my life. U have that gift “the IT factor”. The rule of “diminishing marginal utility” does not apply to u. U R us and we R U. I love u my brother, and keep making love to the people “and soon the world” with your music. U have something 2 say and the world needs 2 listen!!! If not “WHAT’S THE POINT” lol

    • supernovae
    • February 25th, 2011

    life is amazing. with it’s twists and turns, pleasure and pain, its lessons, its tribulations. the bitter and the sweet.

    i first heard dream job at shadow lounge last year. it only takes a second to become hooked. not all music is poetry, and even less than that amount is capable of touching the soul. dream job accomplishes both flawlessly and with real heart and soul.

    rise and shine gentlemen, the world needs your love.

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