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Spring back, and dream ahead!

Dear Dreamers,

This summer not only brings glorious weather and free spirits, but many exciting musical events. Dream Job has been included on several summer music festival events, including The Southside Works Outdoor Stage on Saturday, June 18, in Pittsburgh; Farmjammalamma 4 on Friday, July 1, in Brookville, PA; 51Basscamp Festival, August 26-28, in upstate New York; and CultureFest 2011 on Saturday, September 10, in West Virginia; with more in the works.

For up-to-date details, please visit our My Space page (yes, we still use My Space!) at or follow us on Twitter @dreamjobmusic.

barrett black, electrified bassing

Dream Job is honored to be a part of these events and looks forward to all of the good times, good people, and great music we are sure to experience!

ricardo iamuuri, sqeeze boxing

dave neuhart, crash drumming

As a band, Dream Job believes in doing its small part to give back to the local community and to those in need globally. In that spirit, we are always honored when asked to play benefit shows for a good cause. In recent months, we participated in the GA/GI Fest which celebrates Green Innovation and sustainable art and technology. We were also privileged to be a part of a benefit concert that took place at the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh last month for victims of the tsunami tragedy in Japan. Next month, we will be contributing to an event at The South Side Works to raise money for organizations that are making a difference in the city of Pittsburgh on behalf of the abused, neglected, and troubled youth in the city. A portion of the proceeds will also go to an international organization that raises money to create sustainable living for the families in Darfur, Sudan.
It is true, music saves!


photos by: Abby Kraftowitz

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