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Dear Dreamers,

The journey for Dream Job persists! Dream Job, still in its infant stage but steadily growing, continues to pervade the soundscape of contemporary music with every performance and new dreamer it reaches. Even though travel expenses have somewhat restricted our options for venues, we are grateful to acknowledge that through your deep appreciation, virtual postings and word of mouth sharing, Dream Job music is finding its way to more listeners of the world. We must be doing something right because the positive feedback to Dream Job’s work has been extraordinary. It is in this light that we reach out to our fan base to express our deepest thanks and our most humble gratitude.

This video is a dedication to all dreamers aware of the collective human experience’s movement toward dissolving the barriers of ignorance, realizing that “We’re All Here” searching for meaning, searching for ways to coexist, searching for personal truth, searching for certainty, and ultimately searching for ourselves. Once again Dream Job is documented in candid form by the artistic lens and creative perspective of Studio Corrida, and, after patient consideration and wavering judgment, Dream Job and Studio Corrida have both agreed to release this not-so-perfect yet somehow perfect serendipity. The music is raw, visceral and honest, and it is Dream Job’s way of saying THANK YOU for supporting the Dream!

keep your dreams alive

Dream Job