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Pick of The Month

As part of our Iron City Beer sponsorship, we have the privilege of making a “pick of the month” to showcase local artists and hot spots. This month we chose the up-and-coming Pittsburgh band Mega-Def. Keep your ears open for their new recordings soon…


Pimpin’ Iron & other shout outs

DREAM JOB is pleased to announce our new partnership with Iron City Beer!

As part of their new marketing campaign, Pittsburgh Brewing Co., in conjunction with Nakturnal has selected a handful of Pittsburgh artists to sponsor. As proud Pittsburghers, we’re honored to have been selected as one of the sponsored bands.  As such, we were also honored to share our music with our new family at Pittsburgh Brewing Co. at their 150th Anniversary celebration at PNC Park on Light Up Night. It was a fantastic and memorable night with fireworks, local celebrities and VIP’s, and lots of great music!

In the coming months, look for more Iron City Beer sponsored shows & events, SUCH AS our NEW YEARS’ EVE BASH at Toby Hill Bar in Clarion, PA.

…and Check out Nakturnal ‘s blog – NakYouOut to get the latest on everything happening in Pittsburgh art, music, & nightlife, and the latest on upcoming Iron City Beer sponsored events: