New single – “Mama Said”

In advance of our upcoming Spring 2012 tour, which kicks off March 9th in Princeton, WV, we are excited to release our new single called “Mama Said”.
Fans who follow this blog can hear it here first, followed by a release on Facebook and Twitter to follow… Enjoy!!


Pick of the month

Hey dreamers…it’s winter time in the ‘Burgh. Hope everyone had great holidays!
Check out our Iron City pick of the month…this month, we, along with Kellee Maize, Bear Cub, Bonics and 1,2,3 recall our favorite local shows of 2011 :

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**Last but not least, keep your eyes and ears open for a new track we recorded, currently being mixed…we’ll be posting it as a ‘freebie’ for our fans soon…

Pick of The Month

As part of our Iron City Beer sponsorship, we have the privilege of making a “pick of the month” to showcase local artists and hot spots. This month we chose the up-and-coming Pittsburgh band Mega-Def. Keep your ears open for their new recordings soon…

Pimpin’ Iron & other shout outs

DREAM JOB is pleased to announce our new partnership with Iron City Beer!

As part of their new marketing campaign, Pittsburgh Brewing Co., in conjunction with Nakturnal has selected a handful of Pittsburgh artists to sponsor. As proud Pittsburghers, we’re honored to have been selected as one of the sponsored bands.  As such, we were also honored to share our music with our new family at Pittsburgh Brewing Co. at their 150th Anniversary celebration at PNC Park on Light Up Night. It was a fantastic and memorable night with fireworks, local celebrities and VIP’s, and lots of great music!

In the coming months, look for more Iron City Beer sponsored shows & events, SUCH AS our NEW YEARS’ EVE BASH at Toby Hill Bar in Clarion, PA.

…and Check out Nakturnal ‘s blog – NakYouOut to get the latest on everything happening in Pittsburgh art, music, & nightlife, and the latest on upcoming Iron City Beer sponsored events:


Dear Dreamers,

The journey for Dream Job persists! Dream Job, still in its infant stage but steadily growing, continues to pervade the soundscape of contemporary music with every performance and new dreamer it reaches. Even though travel expenses have somewhat restricted our options for venues, we are grateful to acknowledge that through your deep appreciation, virtual postings and word of mouth sharing, Dream Job music is finding its way to more listeners of the world. We must be doing something right because the positive feedback to Dream Job’s work has been extraordinary. It is in this light that we reach out to our fan base to express our deepest thanks and our most humble gratitude.

This video is a dedication to all dreamers aware of the collective human experience’s movement toward dissolving the barriers of ignorance, realizing that “We’re All Here” searching for meaning, searching for ways to coexist, searching for personal truth, searching for certainty, and ultimately searching for ourselves. Once again Dream Job is documented in candid form by the artistic lens and creative perspective of Studio Corrida, and, after patient consideration and wavering judgment, Dream Job and Studio Corrida have both agreed to release this not-so-perfect yet somehow perfect serendipity. The music is raw, visceral and honest, and it is Dream Job’s way of saying THANK YOU for supporting the Dream!

keep your dreams alive

Dream Job


"Dream Job" photo by Anthony DeAngelis

HELLO DREAMERS! As another summer comes to a close, and the nights get chillier, and kids are back to school, and football is back on the tube, DREAM JOB is gearing up for an exciting string of shows over the next month. Our musical journey will take us back to New York City for the third time this year to play at The Shrine on Friday Aug. 26, followed by a performance at The 51 Basscamp Festival in upstate NY, near Albany on Sat. Aug. 27, which is sure to be a memorable experience.  September is going to be an especially busy month, highlighted by three festival gigs – The Carnegie Arts & Heritage Festival (Sept. 9), Culturefest, WV 2011 (Sept. 10), Little Italy Days in Bloomfield, PA (Sept. 24), the premiere of SLAVES to COOL at The August Wilson Center for African American Culture (Sept. 24), as well as shows with These United States (Sept. 14), and Red Wanting Blue (in Kent, OH – Sept. 16). A full list of our shows can be found on our Reverb Nation page:

We are looking forward to bringing our music to new audiences across the region and debuting some new material for our old fans. We have been both thrilled and humbled by the overwhelming positive responses to our music, and we will continue to do what we do for all of our fellow dreamers out there for as long as we can. Until next time, keep living your dreams…

Dream Job presents: a SLAVES to COOL WORLD


Welcome to the Cool World! From the power of the people, to the hands of the middle man, manufactured for the market and sold back to the masses, “Slaves to Cool” exports musical theater on a fantastic journey to the heart of a priceless song.  From singer-songwriter and performance artist ricardo iamuuri, performed by Pittsburgh’s own DREAM JOB, comes “Slaves to Cool,” a fearless new musical that explores the complexities of “Cool” by way of cross-examination: profit over people, the sacred and the profane, liberty versus security, and reality compared to illusion.  We have packaged and sold our “Fire” (our creativity, our zeal, our vision) and now we only consume the fashion thereof.  In ignorance we buy into “Cool” (the creation, the acknowledgement, the art), consequently abandoning the spark.  Now, “Cool” has become Master, and as long as we continue to forget what gave birth to “Cool” we will remain “Slaves” to it!  In this fable, two friends find themselves charting separate courses in life: one toward the corporate sector of “Cool” and the other toward the resistance of “Cool.”  Swelling with soulful sounds and powerfully convicting lyrics, and overflowing with relentless passion, “Slaves to Cool” will shake your foundation and encourage you to walk through your own “Fire” of questions regarding our collective state of convenience, conformity, composure and control.  This musical extravaganza will tear down the fourth wall to engage audience members from the onset and push us all toward a personal dramatic finale of choice!